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In 25 Truths: Life Principles of the Happiest and Most Successful Among Us, Author Ed Douglas, CFP™ uses his own personal experience, along with scripture and inspiring quotes, to share his 25 essential truths that, if followed, can lead to a happy and fulfilling life.

Relying upon his successes as a businessman, husband, father and coach, Douglas offers the kind of life truths that are road-tested and a proven guide to living a good, Christian life.

This book began as a one-page list that Ed had compiled and titled "Life's Truths" or "25 Tips for  an Enjoyable Life." The original idea was the share these tips with his children and grandchildren, but he soon expanded that idea to sharing the tips with his tennis players. This led to him being encouraged to make a book out of the truths, which became the book 25 Truths

As Ed coached the team, he sought to get to know each of the boys and to share the insight of his twenty-five truths with them. Throughout the season, he worked his way through the list, simultaneously teaching a lifetime sport and a life fulfilling lesson. He was not only teaching the young men how to improve their backhand, he was helping them strengthen their character.

25 Truths is inspiring and practical and meant for everyone. Dean L. Hubbard, PhD, President Emeritus, Northwest Missouri State University, Maryville, Missouri says, "25 Truths is an experience-tested guide for people of all ages, persuasions, and stations in life." Click here to read more testimonials on 25 Truths: Life Principles of the Happiest and Most Successful Among Us.

What do you do with these 25 truths? Read them, share them, discuss them, and live them! This book can be a blueprint for you as it has been for many others. If you allow it, this book will help you live a successful life - a better life!

In The Money Marathon: 7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom, author and marathoner Ed Douglas uses his decades of financial expertise and love of running to compare the steps toward financial success to the steps involved in training, preparing, and running a marathon. Whether you￿ve ever run a race or not, this book reveals how to complete your race to financial freedom.

Once a person has money working for him, he has finished the race for financial freedom and he can likewise reflect on the accomplishment, relax, and enjoy himself. This doesn￿t necessarily mean a future of nothing but fun and games, although that could be financially possible. Rather, it can mean a person is in a position of financial freedom to pursue whatever he chooses, to fulfill his own life goals and to find ways to be productive and ultimately to help others.

A number of important financial steps are covered in The Money Marathon:

  • Raising your income and lowering your expenses
  • Proven saving techniques and investing essentials
  • Getting and staying out of debt
  • Insurance, wills and other must-have documents
  • And, finally, how to make money work for you!

Click here to read testimonials on The Money Marathon: 7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom.

A Great Graduation Present For a High school or College Graduate! 
Ed's first book, Making a Million with Only $2,000: Every Young Person Can Do It is a fun and easy book for all students and young adults age 12-30, their parents, and grandparents. Douglas' book shows how every student and young adult with small amounts of regular and disciplined saving and wise investing can accumulate $1,000,000 and much more.

This is no trick or get rich quick scheme; rather it is a disciplined approach to long term accumulation of wealth using proven savings and investment techniques. Using the Rule of 72, Douglas shows in numerous examples how students can easily calculate how quickly money can double and then double repeatedly, given a compound interest rate.

This explanation along with the title of the book, inspires today's youth to understand the importance of saving now, when they are young. Download a brochure with more details on this book... (a 1MB PDF document)

Click here to read testimonials on Making a Million with Only $2,000: Every Young Person Can Do It.

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